Highbury CC 1955 Div B Champions

We found the notes made by Jim Moulton while trying to remember the names of the players in this picture. I am including them here to see if they help jog any ones memory.F Binks, E Stielch?, R Allison, H Flatters, G Morris, G Chadwick, H Hill, P Allen , M Tempest, G Swindells, J […]


Old Team Photo

Back Row: Far Right: Jim Moulton. Front Row: 1, 2, 3, Cyril Metcalfe, Tug Wilson, 6.

Division 2 Champions 1986

Shaun Harvey, Geoff Horton, Robin Harvey, Simon Rosental, Roger Briggs, Cedric Briggs, Ian Langstaff. Steve Dobson, David Harvey, Jimmy Moyles, Rod Langstaff, Ian Rowlands.
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