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Division 2 Champions 1986

Shaun Harvey, Geoff Horton, Robin Harvey, Simon Rosental, Roger Briggs, Cedric Briggs, Ian Langstaff. Steve Dobson, David Harvey, Jimmy Moyles, Rod Langstaff, Ian Rowlands.
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Highbury CC 1955 Div B Champions

We found the notes made by Jim Moulton while trying to remember the names of the players in this picture. I am including them here to see if they help jog any ones memory.F Binks, E Stielch?, R Allison, H Flatters, G Morris, G Chadwick, H Hill, P Allen , M Tempest, G Swindells, J […]

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Second Team 1982

Back: A. Thornton, H. Price, J. Craven, D. Surtees, D. Fletcher, J. Horton, N.Gabriel. Front: P. Allen, D. Harvey, S. Gledhill, S. Robinson, M. Atha, R. Ingelson.
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Hepworth Cup Finalists 1976

P. Hatfield, J. Horton, S. Hague, M. Marshall, N. Gabriel, I. Langstaff, I. Coulson, R. Harvey, K. Dick, A. Lee, R. Langstaff, D. Harvey, M. Brine.
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Highbury 1957

If the colour looks a bit strange it is because the picture was hand tinted by Margery Moulton.

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Under 15’s at Headingley

Graeme Walker, Lee Waite, Darren Grayson, Darren Harvey, David Hall?, James Hinks, Warren Scholey (coach)Shaun Jones, Richard Brine, Paul Rainford, Mark Horsey, Mark Bray, Ian Brine, John Fletcher.
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