Second Team 1982

Highbury Second Team
Back: A. Thornton, H. Price, J. Craven, D. Surtees, D. Fletcher, J. Horton, N.Gabriel.
Front: P. Allen, D. Harvey, S. Gledhill, S. Robinson, M. Atha, R. Ingelson.
Team Photos
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    My best guess at the year is earlier – 1982. If the photo is posed in the traditional way (e.g. with captain centre front) then, according to the Leeds League handbooks, Steve Gledhill was 2nd team skipper for a year in 1982 (taking over from Denis Fletcher and before David Harvey ’83 and ’84). Also Pete Allen and Steve made the league batting averages in 1981 as did Denis, John Craven and Roy Ingleson in the bowling, so the nucleus of the team was already there. Pete and Howard Price also made the league batting averages for 1982 (no one from Highbury made the 2nd XI bowling). The only doubt is that Jeff Horton came 6th in the 1st team bowling averages in 1982, but perhaps this was a Wood Cup match (hence why the photo was taken) and Jeff had been brought in for the match?

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